Plan and control

Improve productivity

Conectivity Admin Systems allows Companys or institutions (billers) with collectors entities(banks, mutuals, cooperatives, supermarkets, etc)in order that clients from the biller can make the effective payment of the services that the biller provides using channels (cashiers,internet banking, telephone banking, atm, etc ) from the collectors.

The collector entities previously authorized and formalized in an agreement with the biller, can acces the conectivity service so that the system records on real time (online) payments for outstanding receipts or other services that the biller provides.

Among the objectives of the system is, provide the biller customers with a better service at the time to cancel their receipts, Avoid the biller the handling of cash, decentralize the payment service, among others.
we can mention some of the follwing enterprises that companies that have purchased the product:

  • RACSA.
  • JASEC.
  • ITCR.
  • UCR.
  • Municipalidad de Belén.
  • Municipalidad de Alajuela.
  • Municipalidad de Pococí.
  • Municipalidad de Escazú.

  • Municipalidad de San Pedro.
  • Municipalidad de Desamparados.
  • Municipalidad de Grecia.
  • Municipalidad de Liberia.
  • Municipalidad de Heredia.
  • Fundación Costa Rica-Canadá.
  • CFIA.
  • AVON.

Conectivity Admin System